Such a gift from Stefanie in Rosengarten Germany

StefanieL_CRDearest Friends,

My husband Rainer and I attended  the workshops “The Freedom to Breathe” and, over the weekend  ”The License to Live”, as well as the “Tuesday Night Alive” here here in Hamburg.

It was so beautiful, sweet, soft, light and easy. I’m in awe of how beautiful and easy Transformation is. Life felt pretty good before the workshops. Things were going well; our businesses had been growing and I could find nothing to complain about. However, since the workshops I have felt like being in a room that someone cleaned the windows. The trees are greener, the flowers are brighter… Life feels so sweet and soft to me, I had no idea that’s possible. It shows up everywhere. Prior to the workshops, things that have been edgy between Rainer and I became softer and we became more loving towards each other. Not only that I am more efficient at work, it’s as if my clients turned to be easier and sweeter  to be with even with a tight schedule and a pressing deadline. I just took care of things when they came without stressing myself out. It makes everything so rich and sweet!

One of the things that I discovered from the workshops, how sometimes things felt edgy between Rainer and I was that I wasn’t really listening to him. I wanted to be the one leading, so I’m in charge. I said how we do things and what he had to say was not so important, and  it’s not only with Rainer, it’s with my sister, my friends, clients… I want to be “the good kid”, the one with the better story, the better…anything! Along the way over the workshops I gave up wanting to be different, to be over with something, to get rid of or hide things and  behaviors I didn’t approve of myself. All of a sudden life was softer, easier and fun to see all the ways the things I didn’t like about myself showed up! I really love the way Ariel and Shya talk about the third principle in the current Article of the month. “Anything you allow to be allows you to be”.

It’s really amazing how much I sometimes forgot or took for granted what a difference Transformation makes in my life, how much my sense of well being deepens and my ability to be in the moment strengthens after the workshops. Things just got smoother and brighter! Just as Benedict mentioned in his recent email that it’s just a huge difference of “knowing” that something is wonderful and of “experiencing” it! I’m really happy and thankful to Ariel and Shya, who made the long trip so we could have them here in Europe to! It was a treat to be with you!

I also want to invite you to share Transformation with your friends. It was such a gift to be with everybody in the courses and saw the difference Transformation makes to everybody who was there. You just never know who will say yes. I met my neighbor Monday night on the street and spontaneously invited her for the Tuesday Night Alive. She couldn’t make it but said she would love to come for the next call. She came on Wednesday to ask how it was and see if I have the date for the next call she can attend. I was so surprised. I mentioned the workshops to her before, but only in a way that we’re chatting about what we’re up to. In my idea of who she is, she wasn’t “the type” to come to a workshop. You never know!

So looking forward to see many of you in Costa Rica or hear you on the next international call.

Love to you all from beautiful, rainy morning,



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