Thoughts that simply aren’t true from Adam in Washington, DC.

Adam m1Hi everyone,

I’ve been on vacation from school for the holidays since before Christmas. And after being “inactive” for so long I started thinking a lot. I kept getting thoughts like “I’m bored.” and “There is nothing to do.” Soon, I started to believe them as if they were true.

So I downloaded one of the radio show episodes from “Being Here” on iTunes. Because I was on my iPhone, I couldn’t read the whole title, I just saw the beginning part which was “I’m hungry….” and I thought, “perfect! Another episode on dieting. That fits me so well”.

When I started listening to the episode, Ariel and Shya repeated the title of the show which was “I’m hungry, and other thoughts that aren’t true.” I laughed because it was exactly the show for me! It was better than a show on dieting because I realized from listening to the show that my thoughts about being bored were not true!

I reccomend the radio show to anyone as an excellent resource for staying centered. I love how accessible it is. You get it on iTunes from your iPod, Mac, PC, iPad, or iPhone. Also you can stream it too from the Kane’s website. Instanteous transformation is really only a few clicks away.

Thank you Ariel & Shya for your perspective on life. Without it, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.


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